a new map of the world.

against the rocks.

oJN5vbqNo matter where I go: what culture or example, there seems to be an undercurrent that either pulls to or away from humility. The highest values of culture trace back to a heart that is humble and prefers others – acts of kindness, generosity, a genuine heart; however, all the tools of the culture exist in exact contradiction: power, narcissism, and gluttony. The heart follows pride without being told, all the while looking back and desiring humility. Yet not all lowliness is humility, and so this is not just a discontent with position. Why?

Ezekiel is a hyper-dramatic presentation of God’s disgust with sin with His people. This comes on the heel of many generations of Him trying to bring their hearts back and finally send someone crazy enough to get their attention. The middle of the book is full of judgments against the kings of the world. Basically this, the kingdom you thought you made, you didn’t, and what you have is about to war against you. Oddly enough, chapter 28 is dedicated against Tyre, but it seems to go right over their heads and target Satan. I believe the reason is because those in ancient Asia Minor had a good idea who he was.

When Adam disobeyed, the punishment of man was that everything he was given to cultivate would war against him. In man’s humility, he was given a task to cultivate the world. In man’s pride he saw the garden as his own. The punishment was taking everything he had been given and using it against him, but without freeing him from the responsibility of caring for it. In the same, all the kings in Ezekiel aren’t removed from power, but they have to suffer through their disobedience.

Get it?


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