a new map of the world.

a little bit of separation.

I was walking down my driveway in the night a few weeks ago with my iPhone. It was the first time in a year (since I got it) that I had the case off – it was broken and I pet a dog that had been rolling in something dead and didn’t think I would ever get the smell out – well, also for the first time, i dropped it; straight up, to the ground, dropped it. Recovered, I found the iPhone unbroken except for the tiny lens over the camera in the back. This sucks because taken pictures is the only thing I really use it for.

Needless to say, these past weeks I haven’t been taking pictures of anything.

I’m not a photographer, but I like taking pictures. I have not studied the development light, angles, or anything, but I take decent pictures. When I see something beautiful, I want to capture it as I see it. But recently, I see something beautiful and I just have to admire it and then move on – take a memory. I share the experience with no one, yet somehow I find what I’ve seen to be far more moving and simple – like returning back to something I’d lost.

Maybe our love of social media – more image mediums – is just a sign that we are actually lonely in our lives. We see things and want to share them with people, but instead of finding people to adventure with, we are content to snap the photo. In a way, that would make me carrying an iPhone no different than a child carrying a teddy bear or a favorite toy. They may sit and talk to the teddy bear, reason with it, and explain life. Isn’t that what people do with social media. The irony of social communication is that, though it is with real people, non of it’s actually real. simply because it is so widely used. Also, we are never fully anywhere we really are because our experience is filtered through these… well… filters.

I think I’ve also found a need to separate things in my life – everything. Everything has a place and only a few things belong everywhere and that’s okay. If that makes sense.

*insert Halloween comment and joke*


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