a new map of the world.

back and forth.

The pendulum of the clock swings as it sings,
soft ticks in the house as it sways and it rocks.
Blends into night like the softest moonlight
that bathes this hall floor as I walk.

The stars in the night shimmer and shine,
and burst into color as they fall to the ground.
Wishes they count as they pass through the sky,
and to the dawn speak what we’ve found.

The roar of the ocean will churn and foam,
and come to the shore again and again.
Return to the place where freedom is born,
where sunshine has found a home in the wind.

In this place I wander and spin,
and wonder if I will find my way home.
Should I sit down and write what this is?
Or should I just keep to my own?

See now, don’t you see? Mercy delight,
that old things that die be reborn?
The Father of grace and hope and of light,
calls us once more to His home.


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