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food. it’s what’s for dinner.

wallpaper-596510Contrary to the title and most of the content, this is not really an entry about food.

Recently I have taken up cooking as something of a past time (past time being Sunday afternoon when I’ve finished everything else). It starts as a ritual visit to Target to stare at the shelves until something strikes me as interesting to make. I google a recipe and get the basic ingredients, cross my fingers and cook. I use to cook a lot back in the day and it was something I enjoyed – even now I typically cook breakfast every morning. But this thinking started first with frozen pizza, which I couldn’t get around paying $5 for something I would spend 20 minutes making and 10 minutes eating and it would just be – gone.

I have been tired of the eating on-the-go lifestyle – ordering food, fast food, or just crappy food in general – feeling rushed with meals. I have never been big into the health food scene because honestly it just takes more thought about food than I really have cared to give. But the more I think about it the less it is about just me. It’s not only about the health aspect, but also stabilizing habits and becoming more deliberate with what I do; cooking becomes part of that discussion, as it also helps me to be more well-rounded in general. But finding something more in everyday, or applying it to better means, a quiet humility that builds sanctuary in life;  I suppose to be more content and grateful, to see today as a means to understand – not just a vehicle to get to tomorrow.

Italian foods have always been my wheel house – I have been looking into pizza and calzones and other breads that are all hand made with some success, but I would like to come up with some options that are soy/gluten/wheat free and don’t taste and look awful. The only problem is I don’t think half of the ingredients  I need are legally sold in the United States and some sound straight made up! So I guess I will be heading out to Trader Joe’s or maybe Earth Fare next time I’m in the area. This is funny because I wouldn’t have thought of seriously cooking, much less cooking healthy options, this time last year. I realize that I pigeon-hole myself not knowing how to do things than I do knowing how to do them… if that makes sense.

If I have desires this world cannot satisfy than I can only conclude I was not made for this world. – C.S. Lewis


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