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tumblr_lpglv5IyJz1qbklapo1_r1_500Abide – to remain stable or fixed in a state: to wait, to endure without yielding, and accept without objection.

The place where everything becomes background noise: the sound of music on the radio is nothing more than the hum of the tires across the road, the flash of the headlights of the cars passing, the sky changing colors when the twilight fades back into the day – all blend together somewhere far, far away – stamped out by concerns that seem unrealistic, unattainable. The preparations for the end of the holiday season; lights and celebrations and families and dinners, for many it is a wonderful time of year and for some it is the worst: yet for myself it fell somewhere between, but through the noise the word echoed in my heart again and again: abide.

It’s difficult to be alone in this world, and ironically loneliness is the primary complaint of every age group. It could be that the less we are alone the lonelier we become, but I do not think that tells the entire story because even people who are alone often share in the same discouragement. Perhaps it isn’t that we are not alone enough, but that there is no depth in our solitude because it lacks the security that comes through peace. Peace not being perfection in the end of strife, but the settling of strife through contentment in the heart. To be still and know

To abide is not merely to stay in one place, or really to live somewhere – When David said: “I will abide in Your courts forever” (Ps. 61:4), he did not merely stop with contentment of dwelling. When Jesus called the disciples to: “Abide in Me and I in you…” (Jn. 15:4), He looked beyond merely living with/existing beside. The call for us to abide, or to wait on the Lord, is a call to stand without flinching on the grounds of faith – to endure trials without yielding (love), and accept without objection (faith), to rest in His will and timing: Rest, to be at peace. To abide with God is to cross the threshold where the control we fought for evaporates and we are thrown back against the real truth that He is control, peace, and security – everything we have run from is here, here in Him. We have nothing beyond this.

When I stop and truly consider this than everything else fades away – the world and its pull and concerns, the movement from faith to fear, seem now as small voices far away. Abide.


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