a new map of the world.


I have this little snowman with a little knob on the bottom to wind up a music box inside. Once you tip him open, in side there is another little snowman with three children on ice skates. They move in circles while Deck the Halls sings as the music they are skating too. It’s made of porcelain. It’s sitting on my desk.

Sometimes I wonder how long I must wait.

Until the present stops in eternity and a love that stays for it will not be parted abides. When yesterday melts away and a supporting affection reaches through the dark like the flame from the candle as if just to say: you’re safe now. The noises of the night no longer to come like the haunting tick and friendship abides to the simple fact to know true understanding: to know and be known. To understand desire, honest desire, real desire – to be enough. No longer to fear the coming day just to herald the presence of another night.

Yet at impatience the fire is stoked,
only to rise and soon to die.
So by this little flame I’ll hope.
Listen to the clock tick tonight.

Excuse me, I’m very tired.


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