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Deserve is such a funny word.

If I do good things should I expect good things? Yet, men far greater than I receive far less than me, yet am I less blessed because someone less worthy gets something more? Or if I work hard to earn something than all my work is for that thing; if I live well in order to attain  the things I feel I deserve than I never once lived out of a heart of service nor did I live out of humility; I am only living well in an attempt to manipulate God.

The gates to bitterness are hung on the posts of entitlement, and to bitterness the growing of false love, false hope, and false peace. The heart that has not received that for which it feels entitled must either accept the goodness of God as it is and say it is well with my soul, or build idols in the place of the movement of God it has not learned to see in order to justify what it believes. I know nothing of Christ’s redeeming love.

Yet in the same, the opposite is true. If I accept what is in life without discretion than I refuse to guard my heart. I will begin to take into my heart and mind those things that are dishonest and false, deceptive and destructive; the service of humility is not the doormat of the world, but rather the doorway to the world to come: the Kingdom of God.

To accept this truth is to surrender the will; His love is enough and we seek His face.


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